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Significant (and sometimes hidden) stories I've found and told
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First-ever feature on Akira, aka 'One Of The Faceless Men'.
As someone with a lot of tattoos as well, I wanted to steer away from your usual over-poppy and sensationalized profile features. So instead, I decided to explore what beauty means to us and just why many of us turn to tattoos to help us feel more in our own skin. 
This video has since gone viral and has over 1.4 million views.

Produced, directed and edited by me. 
Faith and religion always fascinated me. I was curious if there were any interesting profiles surrounding religious faiths that the mainstream media has yet to uncover. That is how I found Phra, a Singaporean man who decided to embark on a journey towards monkhood at a young age of 23. So I pitched the story to my team and it got picked up!

Profile and story pitched by me. 
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I was reading a novel about a guy who isolated himself from the rest of the world after he lost his son in an accident. The author had used the term 'hikikomori' and I was intrigued. I remember searching the 'net for more information and was met with stories after stories about hikikomori in Japan. "But what about Singapore?" I wondered. Like every other resourceful reporter, I went onto Reddit to search for answers. Turns out, this phenomenon exists in Singapore too.

And that's how I published the first article that highlighted hikikomori in Singapore.

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